Sunday, January 25, 2009

Botfly = gross. If I did get one though, I'd be glad I'm not a mouse.

Tetrodotoxin = scary stuff in the hands evil voodoo witch doctors. Voodoo scares me.

Typing with one hand because a baby is occupying the other = tedious = brief entries.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

easily distracted

So many topics running through my mind, each of which I could type a long blog about. However, it is late, I am tired, and even if I wasn't there are so many more productive things I should be doing. Last night I said that today I was going to sort through the mountain of stuff on the table. That didn't happen. Changing plans, I set out to organize my bedroom, but in putting away laundry I discovered I needed more space for towels in the bathroom, and ended up rearranging/cleaning shelves in there, which led to cleaning the counter around the sink. None of this was done to any degree of real satisfaction, half assed at best, since the whole time I was doing any one thing I was distracted by all the other things I ought to be doing.
If only I didn't have such a knack for acquiring stuff, and such a problem getting rid of it.
I have started a garage sale pile, currently stashed under the basement stairs. It's starting to creep out though, there's just so much to get rid of. I don't think I've bothered to get rid of anything since we moved in here.
Not that I was ever a great house keeper, but it's definitely been worse since having daughter. First because moving hurt, so I didn't. And now because everything has gotten so out of hand it's difficult get it back under control.

Monday, January 19, 2009

sometimes children are exhausting.

3 braids and zebra stripes

Her hair is finally long enough to put in braids, and sometimes she even asks me to. She brought me these hair bands and told me, "want three braids mom. Just three." You know, 'cus I was likely to give her more than three?

"Look at my stripes. I gots lots of stripes. I am like a zebra." Maeve got out of her room one morning, a few days ago, without waking me, resulting in orange sharpie 'zebra' stripes covering her arms and legs, among other mischief.

I do realize that it's after midnight and technically I didn't post anything yesterday. But I haven't been to bed yet, so I'm counting this as yesterdays post, and I'll do another one for today, and still say I've posted something everyday since I started this endeavor. I just spent roughly half an hour waiting for pictures to post, then accidentally backspaced over one of them, deleting it. That sucks. I'm taking my baby and going to bed.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I made these little dolls for Maeve. The first one was an accident. I started out to make a very different doll and ended up with Jodi (the 'boy' doll in pants), then we added his sister Meg to the family.
Since making these two I've had three orders for 2-5 dolls.
These are 100% cotton yarn bodies with polyfil stuffing and acrylic blends for hair and clothing. I've got organic yarn and organic stuffing for bodies and clothes, but I need to find some I like for hair. Their hair is really their best feature, it's so soft and fun.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A fairy is born

Whimsy in a cocoon I made. For some reason she thought it was really funny and actually laughed her first real laugh while I was taking these pictures. Up until now she's smiled a lot and sort of half chortled a few times, but these were the first true giggles.